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We bridge the gap between industry and technology.

TRG Networking, Inc. (TRG) is an IT consulting, network integration and professional services company. We deliver projects involving network configuration, installation, and comprehensive network support for small and large organizations in a wide range of industries. TRG has served the professional and business community for over 30 years, garnering many awards and honors along the way, thanks to our exceptional combination of talent and technology.

Our employees are among the best-qualified you’ll find anywhere, fully prepared to meet the challenges you face and dedicated to working until the job is done and your mission-critical needs are met.

Our staff is approachable, accessible, and dependable. We don’t wait for you to call—we reach out on a regular basis to ensure your complete satisfaction. And we don’t make you wait either. Our senior engineers are empowered to make the decisions that support your needs, no matter when or where. TRG Networking: Bridging the Gap between Industry and Technology.

We are always interested in discussing your needs and concerns. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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