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Remote Backups

Keep your vital data safe and up to date in real time … and always know exactly where it is.

TRG offers:

  • Full, off-site remote backup eliminates your need to maintain the integrity, security, and storage of physical backups, as well as a time-consuming restoration should you need it.
  • Fast internet speeds mean real-time offsite backup is now a true option.
  • Data is secured by full redundancy and the continuity of your business operations is protected with optimized recovery solutions.
  • Your data is stored and secured in our own local, state-of-the-art facility … there's no uncertainty about sending it off to "the cloud" in some unknown location.

Select the option that best fits your budget and recovery speed needs:

File & Folder

• Inexpensively priced per gigabyte.

• Only your data, your folders and files, are backed up.

• Works on any internet connection speed.

Remote Backup

• Full and complete "bare-metal" backup of your servers and workstations.

• Can be run nightly or in real-time.

• In the event of a failure your image can be delivered by hand, shipped overnight, or downloaded to get you up and running quickly and seamlessly.

Remote Backup BDR
(Backup Disaster Recovery)

• All of the features of the remote backup option along with the ultimate in disaster recovery planning.

• We supply you with a premise stand-by server that offers instant virtualization of your downed systems with almost no interruption to your business operations.

If you're concerned about justifying the cost of a Premise Standby Server, ask this question: "What will extended server downtime cost my business?"


Lost Wages

Working days in 2014 (Mon - Fri, 8 hrs with 10 Federal Holidays) ÷ 251
Average Daily Wages = $000.00
Average Daily Lost Wages [value]
Number of Employees ×
Approximate Daily Wages = $000.00

Lost Revenue

Annual Projected Revenue
Working days in 2014 (Mon- Fri, 8 hrs. with 10 Federal Holidays) ÷ 251
Average Daily Revenue = $000.00
# Days Down
Approximate Daily Wages for Firm & Average Daily Revenue ×

Estimated Cost in Productivity should be compared with On Site Premise Server Investment. $000.00

24 hours downtime × $15.00 hour per employee × 35 employees = $12,600
This $12,600 figure falls short because it lacks the cost of lost revenue/productivity.

Reference information
3 days (or 24 hours) probable downtime
$30,000 annual Salary in 2014 with 7 Holidays is $ 14.76 per hour
$80,000 annual Salary in 2014 with 7 Holidays is $38.37 per hour

In this light the cost of a Premise Standby Server is an affordable insurance policy.