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The Cloud

Should you move to the cloud or not?

Everyone is talking about it. Just move to the cloud and be free of your network, applications, servers, etc. But is it the right choice for you? Do you have enough information to be able to make that choice?

Small and large companies alike no longer need to purchase, own, and maintain the capital asset that is an IT network. For a recurring fee you can “rent” services in the cloud. Your fee buys you space in a vendor's facility, accessed via the Internet, as well as the technical labor to keep it running. And while there are great cost savings in the immediate term (especially if your network is aging), if it isn't the right choice for you it could cost more in the long run.

One sticking point for many enterprises is the vagueness of that term, "the cloud." The benefits of a cloud solution can be outweighed by concerns over exactly where your vital data is going, and who will have access to it. That's why every cloud solution from TRG is hosted on our own local servers in our secure facility, and maintained by our expert team of engineers.

Our primary objective is to ensure our clients choose the type of IT environment that is exactly right for them, whether it is fully hosted in the cloud, a state-of-the-art, in-house network—or a combination of the two.

Let's talk about how the cloud fits into your company's picture.

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