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Network Design

A Network Designed for Your Business

A successful major network upgrade or migration starts with a deep understanding of the needs of your business, and results in a solid engineering design thoughtfully tailored to those needs.

TRG Networking will assign a Project Manager as your personal consultant and point of contact. The PM will lead, prepare, and coordinate the engineering team, staying in touch with you throughout the process.

For 30 years, TRG has operated on the philosophy that an excellent IT system must be built on a foundation of solid, customized, architectural network design. Today, this still is the hallmark of what we believe, and what we deliver.

Your PM will begin with an in-depth interview with your critical staff to determine—in human terms—exactly what your technical and operational needs and issues are. Then, throughout the project, your PM will ensure effective communication and coordination among the TRG engineering staff assigned to your team, as well as their communication with your personnel, making sure no questions are left unanswered and every detail of the design—right down to the selection of each individual PC—is carefully planned and tailored to YOUR current and future business needs.

You will never get a "bundled" one-size-fits-all network sold to a myriad of different businesses across multiple industries. TRG brings decades of experience and a high degree of skill to the design of a custom-tailored system that works for you and your business, now and in the future.