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Our Datacenter

Who can you trust with your data?

TRG Networking provides exclusive, individualized, secure hosting services in our own state-of-the-art Data Center.

We are a local private cloud and we do not rebrand, resell, or rent third party space. Your hosted data is managed and monitored locally by our full-time staff of highly qualified, virtual technology engineers—the same engineers who onboard you and support you when you call. We offer:

  • Ability to virtualize or co-locate in TRG’s Data Center to establish a fully secured and completely redundant secondary site for a server or your entire server environment.
  • A cost effective way to ensure 24x7x365 uptime with your own individualized disaster recovery plan.
  • Hosting for a dark site, providing an arena for testing and simulations, or complying with industry or government regulations.
  • The same Internet connectivity, security, back up, and environmental controls as our own.
  • 24x7 local, full monitoring support from full-time, TRG-employed Data Center engineers.