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Project Management

The Human Component in Your IT Solution

Many network designs take into account the latest technology … but fail to consider the people who use it. Preparation is what distinguishes project management at TRG Networking. Whether we're implementing our design or a system you have already chosen, a network installed by TRG will be carefully planned and executed, with an eye towards making technology work for your staff and not the other way around.

At TRG, project management isn't just about effectively coordinating an equipment installation to be on schedule and on point; it's about delivering technology for the people who are going to use it so they can help your business compete and win.

From the initial review of your business through final testing and training, your Project Manager will be your single point of contact at TRG. He or she will ask the detailed, human questions about your operations, processes and staff in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs. These on-site interviews with your critical staff will provide insight into how your business functions and how to integrate IT solutions to support that function. Your PM will then coordinate a team of experienced, certified engineers, ensuring that every detail of the installation is carefully planned and executed—from the type and quantity of equipment needed and services required to the timing of installation phases and the level of user training necessary.