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Check Your Defenses

It’s easy to know when you need to upgrade your operating system or line-of-business database, but when was the last time you checked your defenses? Even a modest security enhancement can be the difference between being safe and a disastrous hacking incident or malware infection.

Now more than ever, the security of your data is the highest priority. Not only is there is a critical need for your network environment to be well protected and secure, but it also needs to meet the security requirements of the Federal regulations in the HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley legislation.

The difference between being truly secure and resistant to hackers or rogue malware could be as simple as an upgrade to your firewall, or as complex as a specialized VPN border appliance with two-factor authentication. Whatever the right solution is for your business, TRG has done it and done it well.

TRG offers security options:

For Network Hardware & Servers

Beacon agents are installed, testing for stringent security requirements and simulating breach conditions you may not even be aware of. Once testing is complete a compiled and streamlined action plan can be implemented.

For Email

Advanced analytics are applied to check for spoofing, phishing, zombie, spam and virus attacks.

For Software

We tell you what you have installed and running on your computers, if there are any old “left-over” versions causing potential exposures, and if there are any infections or integrity concerns.

TRG works with you to identify security compliance and protection issues and implement cost-effective solutions that are right for your business. Without an expert assessment of your current technological infrastructure you may not even be aware of your potential exposure to disaster. Our technical, experienced staff uses up-to-the-minute tools and expertise to perform an in-depth assessment of your entire IT environment.

Solutions are based on the individual needs of your enterprise, from the appropriateness of the technology and the security it affords to the cost/benefit of enhancement and replacement options. For a flat fee we will prepare an Executive Summary detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as action items time-lined for implementation.

As in every other area of your business, your network needs to be considered as a strategic component of the entire operation, so that you aren’t ever caught off guard. We’ll help you budget and anticipate needed system improvements to stay ahead of both the technological curve and the ever-changing threat environment.