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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • I just wanted to thank you again, as well as everyone else who assisted us. It’s nice to know that we can always count on everyone at TRG to be there when we need help.

    You’re the best!!!

    Shirl | Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority

  • I really appreciate your cooperation for us. You and your staff have been working hard to support our Shin-san and to realize the project with high technique and guts over night and day even though during Halloween holidays. I quite respect for your professional attitude and performance and I like to express my thanks again. Best regards,

    H.Takeda | Kocide

  • As always, I appreciate your attention to our needs, and the support of you and your staff!

    Tyson W. Smith | Homewood Community Corporation

  • Toni,

    I know it has been over a week since our outsourcing visit, but I wanted to quickly follow-up on this conversation. During our regular outsourcing visit, Derrick was able to address and resolve almost all of the issues that our staff were experiencing, so we are quite pleased with what he was able to accomplish while here. And we want to thank Kandy again for the flexibility in switching in Derrick last minute so that we could tackle these issues during the outsourcing visit. Hopefully Microsoft won’t throw another curve ball in the near future, but thank you for working through this process with us.


    Phillip Harmon | Grants and Database Manager, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
  • Toni,

    I am looking forward to the next project getting under way. I have been very pleased with the outsourcing this year. Derick and I have had things ready for Frank to review and make changes, he has fixed a lot of little issues that we found and made several changes to be more compliant with all my vendor security audits, system performance and reliability has greatly improved.

    Nick DPirovolidis | BCS America
  • Hi Toni,

    I appreciate the effort and proposed solution to our AIS e-mail alert woes. Brittany will be sending back the signed work agreement ASAP. Should she speak with Kandy to set up some date/time for TRG to be on site for Outlook and SMTP work?

    Hiring TRG was a no-brainer just based on the fact that your non-service agreement is better than the competition's and you already bought us Exchange server time by deleting extraneous files.

    I my opinion based on the limited business relationship we have to date, you are totally justified to feel proud of your work ethics, skills and professionalism.


    David Stambaugh | Baltimore Maritime Exchange
  • Chris did an awesome job on my laptop and is super at customer relations as well! My laptop looked brand new! Thank you for pushing it through.

    Don Mellinger | CEO/Owner, Site Support Services
  • Toni,

    I had mentioned to Rina a few weeks back how awesome TRG’s newest engineers are and that I should send you an email to say Thank You!

    Sam was very helpful and thorough when we had a problem with our old SonicWall firewall. He took extra time to help us reconfigure some of the wiring in our server room and get our network in better shape. As a result, Terri and I took the time to come in on a Saturday and cleanup the network wiring closet. We can now see the ports on the switches!

    Chris is a pleasure to work with. Very easy going but just as thorough as Sam! He took the time to show me some of the how-to’s of getting a new Citrix node installed. He’s the kind of person that I would like to have on my team anytime!!

    As you know we ran into a slight glitch with any server on the new node not being able to communicate with any other server or computer on our network. Both Sam and Chris have supported us greatly while we worked through the issues. After talking with Sam and Chris a few time about the issue I did a little digging and was able to isolate the issue to a VLAN. Sam and Chris were able to confirm the issue and this afternoon Chris got the VLAN issue solved and we are now able to take full advantage of the new node and extra SAN disk space.

    The TRG team have always had our backs when issues arise. Sam and Chris are great finds for your team and I look forward to working with the TRG team in the future.

    Bob Gilley | IT Systems Administrator, The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region, Inc.
  • Again your team is the best. You should be so proud!! Very professional!

    Margaret Ray | Cesco Osteria
  • Just a quick note to say thank you for the expeditious turn around on the temporary server and drive swap out. It was critical for us to back to normal operations. A special thanks to Derrick also.Regards,

    Tom Poorman | VP, TJ Rock Medical Management

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