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What You Need to Know

You can get training for your staff almost anywhere—universities, on-line courses, seminars—all of which provide standardized, manufacturer-specific information, much of which you may never need. What you really need to know is how your technology works in your office.

The very same TRG staff that just designed, configured, and installed your new system are certified to train your team, and can return to your site to provide hands-on, customized training to get your employees working smarter as quickly as possible.

New networks and systems are great. The real question is this: Do your employees know how to use the new tools?

We offer two types of on-site training the way you need it, tailored to the unique configuration of your network:

Small Group:

We pre-screen the topics that are important to you so your staff doesn’t waste valuable time learning everything there is to know—only what they need to know to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Basic, intermediate, and advanced concepts that are relevant to everyday tasks, as well as system administration, are presented in a clear format in a few short hours. You get directed training in your offices, on your systems, from a qualified engineer who knows your account and understands your business.


These brief, personalized tutorials (usually no more than a half hour each) are typically conducted with three to six of your staff in succession by a qualified engineer familiar with your account. The best of both worlds, the engineer will be on site for several hours, not only conducting highly individualized sessions but also being available to answer questions for staff as they begin using what they’ve just learned in real-time. This type of training is minimally disruptive and highly effective.