Cyber Security Warnings for Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs)

Cyber Security Warnings for Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs)

The Corona-virus is reeking havoc in many areas of our business life. For our SMB partners and audience, we wanted to bring the following critical issues to your attention:

Many employees are looking for a means of working from home, to avoid coming into contact – make sure that remote workers are connecting safely and securely!

  • Use VPN connections to protect the data traveling over their remote Internet connection.
  • Remind remote users to not connect to your network over public connections.
  • Remind users to save their work back to the servers/shared folders on your system. If they are working on home computers, they are not having work saved in your backup plan, and could lose work and data if their local computer fails.
  • Make sure your staff are fully aware of the sensitivity of data that they may be working on. They should not be pulling private or sensitive data from your business network into their home network or private computer.

There are a plethora of scams attached to this outbreak of illness. Be aware of the following:

  • SMS text message scams are on the rise. Do not respond to notifications via your phone texts!
  • Official looking emails are poring forth – asking for money, medical history, confirmations of address, etc. Do not reply! If you want to support a charity or get additional information, then please search up Official Sites and make direct contact. I call this out-of-channel communication – rather than responding of replying, you are making a separate and original contact with valid sources.
  • Social Media has become a platform for scams and fraud. Do not open links, pop-ups, or ads related to COVID-19 or Corona-virus. Once again, use out-of-channel means to make contact with legitimate sources.

Be healthy, safe, and secure!

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