Cybersecurity Warnings for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Cybersecurity Warnings for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

One of our partners, KnowBe4, has offered the following online learning module to help your remote staff protect themselves and your business from increasing email attacks:

They have also shared the following really, valuable information:

"You Are Infected" - Bad Guys Launch an Evil New Corona Virus Attack

Malicious actors continue to craft ruthlessly aggressive, evil email attacks tailored to leverage mounting fears and anxieties surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic among employees in the office and at home. 

In the latest Coronavirus-themed phishing email reported to KnowBe4 by customers using the Phish Alert Button (PAB), bad guys try to exploit the very worst fear among email recipients: the fear of infection.

Hitting the Panic Button

Late Friday night March 27, 2020, we spotted a new phishing email warning the recipients that they have been exposed to the Coronavirus through personal contact with a “colleague/friend/family member” and directing them to download a malicious attachment and proceed immediately to the hospital.

This email is simple, succinct, and alarming. Moreover, it spoofs a hospital, lending additional credibility to this particular social engineering scheme, which is clearly designed to elicit a panicked response from readers and override any form of rational, measured thought.

The (spam email) attached Excel file is billed as a “pre-filled” form that victims should bring with them to the hospital. In fact, that form is a malicious, macro-laden Office document that is at the time of this report detected by only a handful of major anti-virus applications. This malware’s capabilities are incredibly sophisticated and dangerous.

If you need help, navigating the very real threats of spam and phishing attacks, call us… we are here to help!

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