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TRG client, BSC America was running a complete Citrix Xenserver 5.5 virtual environment that was no longer being supported by the vendor.

In addition to their virtual environment needing to be upgraded most of their virtual servers were running Microsoft Windows 2008 R2. In addition to its network and server infrastructure needing to be significantly upgraded, BSC America also had the extreme need for their onsite Microsoft Exchange System to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with NEVER any downtime. Over the last two years BSC America’s entire network and server infrastructure has been completely replaced and upgraded to current cutting-edge technology. BSC America’s new Network Infrastructure consists of (2) completely separate, completely redundant VMware Environments spanning (2) different locations. TRG established (2) HP ProLiant DL380  G10 Servers running VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7, at one location. The (2) VMware Hosts are configured with High Availability (HA) and are hosting (10) virtual servers consisting of Active Directory Domain Controllers, File & Print Servers, Microsoft SQL Application Servers, a Microsoft Exchange 2016 server, a Microsoft 

Remote Desktop Server, etc. All of BSC America’s virtual servers have also been upgraded to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and/or Windows Server 2016. In addition to the (2) VMware Hosts there is a HP ProLiant DL360 G9 running VMware 6.7 with (1) single virtual server running Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and serving as an Active Directory Domain Controller and Management Server. The second location VMware Environment is utilizing a DELL Power Vault MD3820i 24 TB SAN for 10 Gigabit Backplane Storage all connected through (2) stacked DELL Layer 3 10GbE 24-Port Switches. VMware vCenter Server 6.7 is also deployed and running on a virtual Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual server. The entire satellite network & server infrastructure is backed up by a VEEAM Backup & Replication Solution that stores backups locally on a 10.5 TB Synology NAS and then replicates that local data to the TRG DataSecure cloud. BSC America also has a completely redundant VMware Environment at the secondary location consisting of (2)

HP ProLiant DL360 G9 VMware vSphere 6.7 Hosts hosting (3 virtual servers) in addition to (1) physical domain controller. The VMware Environment is 

utilizing a Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 10 TB SAN connecting via Fibre Channel Backplane Storage.

Both of the VMware Environments have full VMware vSphere Replication implemented in both directions in addition to a fully redundant Microsoft Exchange 2016 DAG Cluster consisting of (1) Microsoft Exchange Server running on the second VMware Environment replicating to a second Microsoft Exchange 2016 Server running on the primary VMware Environment and a Microsoft Exchange DAG Witness Server running in the TRG Hosted Cloud utilizing Point To Point VPN connections to both BSC America Exchange Servers for constant monitoring of the clustered Microsoft Exchange 2016 Database. There is also a Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) deployed between the (2) BSC America sites keeping one location’s primary file server constantly replicated to a mirroring fileserver running on the other VMware Environment. TRG Networking is proud to highlight the numerous technical upgrades in both hardware & software made to the BSC America Network & Server Infrastructure to bring them from end of life systems to cutting edge technology.

Frank G. Senior Network Engineer

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