Backup & Data Recovery

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Secure data backups are critical to your business success. Your company needs reliable and redundant backup and data recovery solutions. Whether it’s a fire or flood, or a software or hardware failure, there’s never a good time to be without your critical data and your network. TRG will work with your staff to ensure backup of all your important files, folders, and data. Then we will find the best data recovery plan for your business model and test it for success.

Data Backups

All of your data compliance issues are addressed
Full system backups are scheduled with the best parameters
(Or we automate your File and Folder backups)
Retention of your data meets your business needs
Email is archived appropriately
All of your critical information is available for data recovery in a stable environment


Backups keep your vital data safe and up to date in real time

Full Sysytem Backups

Full and fully redundant…an on-premise with a remote (Cloud) backup plan protects your entire network. In an emergency, you have a viable copy of all of your servers and data safely stored in the cloud, ready for recovery if the worst should happen. Fast internet speeds now make a real-time  backup a true option. Full redundancy for the security of your data and optimized recovery solutions protect your business continuity plans. 

File & Folder Backups

  • Are inexpensively priced per Gigabyte
  • Only your work, files and folders, are backed up – no need to pay for storage of operating systems and apps
  • Work on any Internet connections safely

Data Recovery

Data Recovery ensures your business continuity.

Then we’ll talk about putting a multi-layered data recovery plan in place – to prepare for the future – including not only the secure storage of your data backups off-site, but replicating the entire system state. We can implement data recovery on-site with a BDR appliance, off-site to a warm site location, or in the Cloud. With the right data recovery preparation, the next disaster will bring only minutes or hours of down time, and not days or weeks.

Backup recovery devices (BDR)

BDRs give you all of the features of the remote backup option along with the ultimate in disaster recovery planning. We supply you with an on- premise stand-by server that offers virtualization of your downed systems with a minimum interruption to your business operations – or we can establish a warm-site recovery in the cloud, ready to act as your server core until your site is back up and running.

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