Cloud Hosting & Virtualization

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Companies no longer need to purchase, store, and maintain the hardware of an IT network. Instead, with Cloud hosting, you can rent services for computing, storage, and software in the Cloud. TRG provides a full range of Cloud hosting services, giving you browser access to all of your virtual cloud hosted components from any location world-wide, and the virtualization support to keep it all running smoothly.

Our primary objective is to ensure our clients choose the type of IT environment that is exactly right for them, whether it is fully Cloud hosted, a state-of-the-art in-house network – or a combination of the two (hybrid). Not every business will benefit from Cloud computing, so TRG will help you with a cost benefit analysis to see if Cloud hosting and virtualization are right for you.

Cloud Hosting

TRG Cloud Hosting can:

Provide a cost effective way to ensure continuous up-time with your own individualized disaster recovery plan.

Co-locate your system in our Data Center to establish a fully secured and completely redundant secondary site for a single server or for your entire server environment.

Offer the convenience of offsite email service with the security of local area hosting, monitoring and support.


TRG Networking provides individualized, secure hosting services in our Data Center Cloud for segments or the entirety of your network. Your hosted data is managed and monitored locally by our full-time staff of highly qualified, virtual technology engineers. Let’s talk about how the cloud fits into your company’s picture.

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Virtualization is the tool that TRG employs to give you great flexibility and efficiency. We can stack virtual machines (like your Active Directory server, Web server, and DC server) into one physical box, saving money on hardware and conserving space and power. Virtualization allows us to scale the resources that each machine needs, for maximum efficiency. And virtualization enables us to move and add servers and workstations as your business grows.

If your business is taking on a new project and you need extra computer resources you don’t have to buy new hardware. Virtualization can provide extra servers and workstations within minutes that fully integrate with your current system.

A virtualized environment can be built anywhere, and reached from anywhere. TRG can create on-site virtual machines for your local primary system and off-site VMs in TRG’s cloud space for your disaster recovery plan. We can even establish an entire business environment on a virtual platform to support a mobile workforce.

TRG can use virtualization to segment your network into vLANs, to ensure that digital traffic for a group of users doesn’t stray. Your guests stay on their network, and your finance team stays on theirs…

Spinning up virtual machines, anytime you need them, allows your team to:

Have an isolated environment for testing new programs. 

Scale-up for temporary growth surges without investing in new devices. 

Create an environment for partners to share computing, even globally.

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