Cyber security

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TRG has in-house Cyber Security analysts to provide recommendations for every area of your network. We run and review network scans to find vulnerabilities that need repair. Our cyber security staff research new attack methods to help our engineers to harden systems. And they are constantly monitoring logs and alerts to find issues before they become problems. From spam email filters to writing comprehensive IT policy, TRG has you covered.

Consider your business assets and vulnerabilities


Personally identifiable information

Your private computer network

Your customer database

eCommerce transactions

Your staff


Lack of encryption

Insecure Wi-Fi appliances

Outside agent with a USB

Your unprotected website

Social Engineering

Monitoring agents, installed at strategic locations on your network, will feed back information about the security and stability of your entire system. Scanning for anomalies in data flow, looking for malware signatures, checking for resource health and more, will all be managed by our team of experts using our network monitoring software.

We scan your wireless networks to find areas that are accessible to people outside of your organization, and lock them down.

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Are your employees enjoying all the benefits of mobility? TRG can protect the data passing from their devices to the network with end-to-end encryption. We can also implement quarantine to ensure that infected devices can’t connect to your system.

Your mobile devices could fall into the wrong hands. We can ensure that mobile data is encrypted and we can remotely wipe the device clean, using Remote Mobile Management.

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TRG also offers White Hat network scanning – a full cyber security scan of your network. The results of the scan provide a map for fixing vulnerabilities and hardening your systems against attack. Our cyber security scans alert us to soft spots in passwords, operating systems, user permissions, installed applications, network segmentation and more.

The greatest strength of any business is your people. 

Let us train your staff to recognize cyber security threats and teach them how to avoid pit falls.

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