Help Desk and Support

Our Help Desk and Support are the cornerstone of TRG’s excellent customer service. Real, live, local technicians will give your staff the support they need to work with your network. Our technicians are familiar with the intricacies of your systems – they are not out-sourced, generic tier 1, or over-seas. The guys and gals who helped build your network are the same staff who answer our phones and come on-site to provide great network support.

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Help Desk

You want personalized attention from a human voice when you have an IT issue – not an automated attendant. Our Help Desk is staffed with the same TRG staff that visit you onsite and know your account from the ground up.

Our Help Desk Tier 1 can resolve over 85% of issues with just one call. For more serious issues we have Tier 2 escalation to our in-house engineer team. And if you need a vendor liaison, Tier 3 is automatically put into motion.


We really get to know our clients and their businesses, and we believe that working with you in your environment is the best way to do that. When we come on-site we work through best practice checklists for updating and maintaining your network, and we take on a punch list of work from your team. We provide scheduled service visits at your site, at your convenience. TRG can come out on-demand, when you need a little more help for a big project or a product launch. Or, we can provide remote support, for quick changes, assistance on workstations, or adding new employees to your domain. Whatever your business needs, TRG will be there for you.

On-Site Support

Your business is dynamic – it will grow and change over time, and your IT system needs quality maintenance to keep up with it. We can schedule on-site support with one of our qualified engineers to ensure that your network is running securely and efficiently, year round.

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Remote Support 24/7 or 9/5

You’ve made a significant investment in your IT solution … now keep it up and running at full speed 24/7. With remote connectivity, TRG will be there every step of the way, providing the highest quality technical support from IT experts who understand your business.

Don’t need 24/7 human support? Opt for business hours support, and the comfort of critical notifications for after-hours emergencies, only if needed.

Contract Options

We offer support plans that are easy to understand and designed for any business size. You’ll get the peace of mind that allows you to focus on your business knowing you have local, hands-on, experienced engineers ready to step in when you need us most.

TRG offers managed service and support plans for every budget: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Hosted, providing a range of ongoing support services, from basic monitoring, patching and virus protection to full hosting of all your devices and systems. We’ll guide you to the choice that makes the most sense for your business – a plan that’s based on a recurring, contract fee. You can budget appropriately, secure in the knowledge that your IT needs are being addressed … with no surprises.

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