Policy and Regulatory Compliance


Policy is how business people outline their self-governance and ensure regulatory compliance. Think of them as the road maps to keep you focused on your IT goals. When it comes to creating and implementing the policies that control your IT, data, and security, TRG is here to help. We will discuss best practice within the NIST. framework and help you develop a comprehensive policy for your digital network. When your management team sits down with a TRG policy writer you will get expert policy guidance for:

Acceptable Device Use – the responsibilities of using company resources, 

and the expectations for BYOD (bring your own device)

Acceptable Internet Use – how to provide Internet resources to your workforce without compromising security and ethics

Data Protection and Classification – identifying sensitive data, how it should be treated, shared, and stored

Network Security – putting the necessary security plans in black and white, and implementing it throughout your whole network

Disaster Recovery – detailing the steps to take should the worst happen, to get your business back up and running

Employee Technology Training – ensuring that your staff have the training to be cyber-security aware

Regulatory Compliance

What does it take to achieve regulatory compliance? Which regulations apply to your business? How do things like retention, encryption, and eDiscovery affect how you do business? If you have questions about regulatory compliance, then TRG can help. Let us walk you through the labyrinth of rules to find out how your company can become compliant. 

TRG will help determine how long you will need to retain archived records (like email and logs), and when and where encryption must be used on your data. In some businesses you might be hearing more about eDiscovery and its relation to data recovery. eDiscovery is a framework to assist companies prepare their data storage for quick access to archived records, should they be required in legal proceedings and investigations.

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