Looking for Up-to-Date Technology?

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TRG can put the newest, most up-to-date technology to work in your business network. 

We will guide you through Applications as a Service. Show you the benefits of collaboration tools. Upgrade you to safely encrypted VPNs and IPv6. 

We’ll get your cables and NICs up to speed. And give your team centralized programs and demonstration environments.

And, your staff will enjoy the ease of collaboration, the security of working remotely, increased speed, and the mobility of shared tools.

So, how can we leverage up-to-date technology to support your business? 

Which technologies are best for your organization’s needs? 

What about the investment that you have already made in infrastructure?

Are you are finding that IT is creating more questions than answers? 

Let TRG find your solutions.

Solution - Virtualization

Are you concerned that your local hardware servers are at end of life or are insufficient for your needs? Talk to TRG about the benefits of virtualization . With virtual servers, your business will save on hardware and utility costs, and your computing resources will be used more efficiently, too. TRG can build virtual machines on demand for scalability. Virtual computing provides a scalable environment for lower cost solutions that benefit small and medium sized organizations.

Solution - Security

One of the best features of newer technology is the increase in network security options. TRG’s staff assess your policies, systems and data to make the best cyber security recommendations for your business.
We develop solutions that provide you with multi-layered security to protect your data and critical network connections. TRG can place the most up-to-date virus, session, and spam filters, and establish security configurations and gateway appliances on your network, based on the unique needs of your organization.

Solution - Training

Because new technologies are well, new, you can rely on TRG to provide your staff with the training needed to operate them with confidence. For TRG, training is not a one-time event. We offer on-site learning opportunities and classroom instruction to help keep your team abreast of current issues, security concerns, software tools, and more.

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With up-to-date technology tools for small and mid-size business, you can:

Use a CRM or PSA that allows you to integrate your client data base, time keeping, and your marketing and sales funnel. If possible, choose one that has a mobile app for tracking progress on the go.

Consider an online financial service that allows tracking of both in-office invoicing and eCommerce payments.

Utilize a collaborative tool for file sharing – your team can share and edit documents live.

Make the most of Social Media, by actively promoting your business where people are viewing. Create interesting and timely posts to gain name recognition using automation.

Start to use video calling and conferencing to let your clients see you and your team face-to-face.

Set up team chats or SMS teams, so that your staff can interact in real-time.

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