Series 3 – Social Media Security for Small Business – Part 1

Series 3 – Social Media Security for Small Business – Part 1

Right now, SMBs are looking at online marketing and communication in a new light. Many of us are upping our Social Media game to keep our brands in front of clients, engage in dialogue, and offer resources. What do you, as an SMB decision maker, need to know about  safely navigating social media platforms? What do you need to enforce with your staff, to minimize business vulnerability? 

In part 1 of this series, we will talk about the hygiene of your social media accounts.

  • Once your business has committed to a Social Media account (or 3) make sure that it is being monitored daily. You may or may not choose to post daily, but you should not leave your account unattended! Keep a weather eye on followers, associate’s posts, and public comments to ensure that nothing offensive, or just negative, is marring your page. If you allow direct messaging on your accounts, use the same precautions that you would with spam phishing – attacks happen in your inbox!
  • Be sure to vet the people who have permissions to post/publish on your sites. This is akin to having spokespeople for your company – content should meet the highest of professional standards. Do implement a kind of random proofreading audit; is the tone of the posts representative of your business? Be certain to correctly off-board employees with access who are no longer with you, too.
  • Set up a regular schedule (quarterly for most) to review the settings on your accounts – both business and personal. Reset passwords, and use a different password for each social media platform. Check to see if the public business information is accurate and matches your Website information.
  • Create a social media policy and a process to check that it is being followed! Your policy should indicate acceptable content, address privacy and security settings, identify the people with authority to post and approve content, and address what to do if the account(s) is compromised in any way.
  • Engage your employees (at all levels) to be aware of the company’s reputation on social media. Train them to recognize inappropriate, dangerous or illegitimate posts – the more people who feel a sense of ownership of your business’s reputation, the better your social media interactions will be. Encourage your staff to report spamming on the social media site (blocking). You should also ensure that they are trained to avoid security vulnerabilities…more on that in Part 2!
  • If your company pages follow any individual, other companies, vendors, or groups – set an administrator to review all current connections and approve future ones. Be careful! There are a lot of look-alike social media pages and you do not want to follow a fake! Have the administrator be extra vigilant in the week or two after adding a new ‘Follow’ to make sure that their content is good for your reputation.

Tune in next week for Part 2, What you put on Social Media. Leave a comment, or reach out if there is a subject you want us to address.

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