Let TRG manage your IT,

so that you can 

manage your business.

Are you tired of getting impersonal, cookie-cutter service? 

Is your business just another number in a help desk queue?

No matter how many technological advances we make at TRG, 

there is never a digital replacement for the personal relationships we build with our clients. 

We bring that personal relationship into every transaction, recommendation, 

and interaction that we have with you. 

Personally, it’s what sets us apart.

Our Services:

Live, local Help Desk assistance

Tier 2 & 3 escalation to Engineers

Over 85% of issues are resolved with a single call

On-site support in the greater Baltimore area

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Image cloud computing for solutions

Your business data available anytime, from anywhere

No need to invest in, and maintain, hardware

Scalability for growth surges

Environments for partners to share computing, even globally

Test and demo environments

Full system backups/Bare metal backups

Hypervisor Imaging

File and Folder backup for mobile devices

Email archiving

On-premise Backup Data Recovery (BDR) appliances

Cloud recovery services

Image network monitoring
Image Wireless communication

Cabling and infrastructure

Servers and edge device builds and configuration

Enterprise Wi-Fi installation

Hot-site and satellite office builds

Employee training

Network scans

Policy evaluation

Network Security Assessments

Firewall monitoring, configuration and reporting

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Your business’s IT network is not something that can run smoothly on it’s own. Your network requires maintenance and support and TRG will provide the best in the industry.

Policies are how business people put their plans in motion. When it comes to creating and implementing the policies that control your IT, data, and security, TRG is here to help.

Does your business need more reliability? Does your team crave the peace of mind that comes with a network that you can depend on? For computer systems, reliability equals availability.

The foundation of a flourishing business is rooted in achieving the greatest productivity from your workforce and from your network.

What can

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Do For Your Business?

It is the goal of every business to grow and flourish, and TRG can help make that goal a reality.

What Our clients are saying

"I can't believe this year has gone by so fast, it seems just yesterday I was getting ready for the new system and VMware, not to mention the work done to get us moved to a new facility. I know my network has its challenges, as a team with TRG's help we made it work, in addition to putting systems and procedures in place for compliance. I just wanted to take the time to let you know I appreciate all your help and efforts and time put into this project to make it happen. This was a great success for such a large project!"
Nick Pirovolidis, BSC
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Integrity is at the heart of everything that TRG does.

We are always striving to give you the best.

TRG provides real solutions for growing business.

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